Allergy & Sinus

At Head and Neck Surgical Associates, a variety of treatments are available for sinus and allergy disease. Please read more to find out how we can help you conquer your sinus and allergy problems. You can directly reach our allergy department at 940-264-5500. Please see FAQ for our 2017 shot schedule.


Runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and nasal obstruction are all symptoms of nasal allergy. When over-the-counter medications are no longer effective, we can help! Prescription allergy medication, diagnostic testing, and/or allergen desensitization therapy may help in your situation. All of these treatments are available at Head & Neck Surgical Associates. Don't suffer if you don't have to. Give us a call today!

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The graphic above will give you daily information about allergy levels in Wichita Falls. You can enter your zip code to find more specific information about your area.


If you are being treated for sinus infections 4 or more times per year, or if you have chronic sinus symptoms that have lasted longer than three months, then it may be time to start thinking about a sinus procedure. Examples of such procedures include endoscopic sinus surgery or a balloon dilation. After ensuring that adequate medical therapy has been given, a CT scan or endoscopic exam will help determine the extent of the problem and which sinuses are involved. The sinus surgeons at Head and Neck Surgical Associates can help guide you through this process.

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One exciting option for patients with sinus disease is balloon sinuplasty. This procedure allows the surgeon to place a small balloon in a sinus opening and widen the drainage pathway of that sinus. This technique can allow sinus surgery to be performed in the office with very limited recovery. The videos below shows examples of this procedure. The first video shows a patient undergoing balloon dilation of the right maxillary sinus. The second video shows a left sphenoid sinus dilation.