4/29Auditory Implant Initiative Wins IdeaWF Contest

The Auditory Implant Initiative is a non-profit company that collects and studies information about cochlear implants. This data is then studied to answer important questions for device manufacturers and insurance companies. Ultimately, the goal is to improve care and access for patients with profound hearing loss. 


The IdeaWF contest is an annual business competiion that awards local businesses cash and in-kind prizes. We are excited and humbled to use these resources to advance our idea to the next level. 


The Auditory Implant Initaitive has worked closely with Dr. Terry Griffin at Midwestern State University as well as students in the Department of Computer Science. Together, we have created an electronic, cloud-based database that allows cochlear implant providers nationwide to enter and track information about their patients. Our organizations then aggregates this data to perform analytics. 


The Auditory Implant Initiative was founded in 2013. 

Posted by: Jed Grisel