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Hear Better, Enjoy More

Our ability to hear plays an enormous role in how we connect with the world around us. Let the hearing professionals at Head and Neck Surgical Associates help you find a hearing solution that is catered specifically to meet your needs.

Our Team

At Head and Neck Surgical Associates, we have a team of professionals assembled to provide comprehensive ear and hearing care. Our two Doctors of Audiology can guide your through the process of finding a solution to hearing loss that best fits your needs. The Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists are uniquely trained to diagnose and treat diseases of the ear. As physicians and surgeons, they provide a full spectum of treatment options, including nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Click here to view a list of the types of services we offer.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be a powerful solution for hearing loss. Modern hearing aids have incorporated sophisticated technology to provide the best possible sound. As a significant investment, it is important to be informed and select a hearing aid that is most suited for your type of heaing loss and budget. Our Doctors of Audiology are trained and committed to guide your through this sometimes complex process. Click here to find out more about hearing aids at Head and Neck Surgical Associates.

Surgical Hearing Solutions

When hearing aids are not enough, a variety of surgical hearing solutions are available at Head and Neck Surgical Associates. Bone anchored hearing devices are designed for patients with single sided deafness (hearing loss in one ear) or patients with conductive hearing loss (hearing loss from a nonfunctiong eardrum or hearing bones). Click the links below to find out more about bone anchored hearing devices.

Baha Fact Sheet

Baha Candidacy

For patients who have significant hearing loss in both ears, a cochlear implant represents an exciting solution. A cochlear implant is a device that is implanted under the skin and directly stimulates the hearing nerve. Click here to find out more about cochlear implants at Head and Neck Surgical Associates. The links below provide more specific information about cochlear implants.

Cochlear Implant Fact Sheet

Cochlear Implant Candidacy

Please click on the video below to see how a cochlear implant works.